Caltrans CleanUp CA Campaign Photography

This project required travel to dozens of targeted locations across Ventura County, Los Angeles & Santa Barbara. Trash was staged to create before and after shots to convey the “Clean Up CA” ad campaign.

Created Stock Photography for Clean Water CA

Caltrans (California) state-wide ad campaign.

Caltrans Clean Up CA Photos Ad Campaign Photograph of Let's Change this to That (CalTrans) Travel Photograph of Parks and Recreation in Ventura (ChrisRyanPIX)

Travel Photography Assignment - Stock Photography

for Ventura County - Parks and Recreation.

Traveled to various public beaches, parks and recreation areas to capture the beauty within local parks across Ventura County.

Ventura County - Parks & Recreation

Ventura County Parks and Recreation Logo

Tourism Photography Assignment - Stock Photography

for Ventura Harbor Village (Ventura, CA).

Captured images for client around the wharf, harbor area, the fish market and special events.

Ventura Harbor Village

Tourism Photograph of Children at Ventura Harbor Ventura Harbor Village Logo Event Photograph of Cowboys Training Camp with Service Men and Women (ChrisRyanPIX) Event Photograph of VFW Speaker at Fundraiser (ChrisRyanPIX) Helicopter Pilot and Young Boy at Camarillo Air Show (ChrisRyanPIX) Event Photograph of Classic VW Car on Main Street Ventura (ChrisRyanPIX) Female Concert Singer Pointing into the Sky on stage (ChrisRyanPIX) Event Photograph of Made West Ventura - ChrisRyanPIX Event Photograph of Crowne Plaza Hotel Patio Lights (ChrisRyanPIX) Freelance Photographer COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY - ADVERTISING - PRODUCT - EVENTS - LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY PHOTOGRAPHER - PHILANTHROPIC ASSIGNMENTS - AD CAMPAIGN PHOTOS

Offering a wide variety of photography services allows Chris to bring his photographic talents into any project.

Whether capturing photographs in the great outdoors or at night. His unique style and composition tends to lead to some very creative images pleasing to clients of all sorts.

Chris tends to strive for capturing those fleeting moments that are usually hidden from the normal perception.

CHRIS RYAN Professional Photographer (805) 832-0896 Freelance Photographer Images by Chris Ryan Photography (Ventura County)

Professional freelance photographer serving

Ventura County and Santa Barbara.

Event Photograph of Ventura Land Trust Harmon Canyon Opening (ChrisRyanPIX)
Photograph of Ventura County Watershed Areas (ChrisRyanPIX)

Traveled to various creeks, watersheds, rivers and beaches to capture wildlife thriving in these areas.

Ventura County Watershed Department

Marketing Photo Assignment - Stock Photography

for Public Works - Ventura County.

Ventura County Public Works (Watershed) Photography

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